Hi, Alsu Kashapova is here.

I’m a dreamer, positive thinker, marketer and I belive that each of us can create own path and curious in tools in it.

12246800_972538926150733_7193581018795209720_nI worked with youth since the age of 15 as a volunteer and then leading youth organisations. It became an important part of my life – to help my friends and younger people to build their own way.

I know major questions that everyone has sometimes. Have you ever had doubts choosing education, profession, opportunities? How to understand yourself and make choices? How to get what you want if dreams are so far from where you now?

The majority of us grew up in a usual reality – everyone expects us to finish school, then university, then to have job-related to the speciality. We are not spending time to understand ourselves more and to step up for our dreams.

In the other hand when we are young we have powerful resources – time, high energy, curiosity and the ability to dream, the ability to learn fast, we don’t have much to lose.

We take these things for granted so often, but what if we use them fully? Yes, we can achieve anything.

I know it for a fact and I have many heroes around who proved it. I realised the most inspiring role-models for me are people whom I know, I see their growth and I know that they went through many struggles and challenges, but they achieved what they want in different spheres. I call them heroes among us.

That’s why I decided to collect their stories and create this project dreamboarding.co.

Who are they – my heroes?

  • their families were not rolling in money and the blood in their bodies is not blue
  • they didn’t know their purpose of life from their childhood and were not marked by God or whatever power
  • they didn’t graduate Harvard or had 100 IQ
  • they are the same as You and I.

But why then I call them superheroes?

  • they have strong values and system of life
  • they live a life they want
  • they follow their heart and passions in different spheres of life
  • they are not followers of societal rules and stereotypes
  • they are willing to dream and achieve their dreams
  • they proved that anything is possible

They are heroes by their own choice.

And they are going to share their stories and tips on how they run their life.

It will be interviews as well as short videos with tips and tricks, also another useful information on how to grow your potential and achieve your dreams.

It’s gonna be fun!

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