How to Create an Environment to Flourish

90% Of Who You Are – Is Your Environment.

“No, you create your reality from the inside!” – you might say.

True, I believe that everything starts from your thoughts and your internal world, but. If you want to grow a flower, you plant a seed and provide the right conditions: temperature, light, water, air.  If you want to grow yourself, do the same: create an environment that supports your growth, success, and inspires and help you flourish. It’s as important as working on your internal world.

I’m inviting you to evaluate your environment from 1 to 10 and think what do you want to change:

An Environment that helps you flourish

An Environment that helps you flourish

What about you? What will you do today in order to create an environment that helps you flourish?
P.S. This post is inspired by my recent trip – attending A-Fest, staying with Kai and Admir, visiting Lorenze & Yakobo, Vic & Diana, talking to Diletta. Thank you, guys, for inspiration, I’m changing my environment 😉

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