Kindness is powerful or how one vietnamese woman saved our asses

Once upon in Vietnam..

On our last day of the trip my friend Gautam and I decided to visit Hue city which is 100 km away from Da Nang, where we were staying. We rented a bike from our hotel, travelled through a beautiful road (mountains and sea view!) and reached Hue city.After biking around
the city we went to a souvenir market. After an hour or so, when we decided to leave the market and drive back to our hotel, we didn’t find our bike where we had parked.

Imagine: we can’t find our bike; it’s evening already, we are 100 km away from our hotel, next day we have a flight and no one speaks English.

Interesting case, right?

We went to the police office nearby and we somehow understood that it’s not stolen, it was taken by police, because we parked at the wrong place.

We didn’t expect it because traffic is not controlled by police at all in Vietnam – you can easily rent and drive a bike without license, you can be drunk, you can drive without experience. Traffic lights are mostly decoration in the city, no one follows rules (and this is also the opinion of an Indian :) ). Of course there were no signs about parking zones and a lot of bikes were parked there.

So, we tried to understand where is our bike, about 15 people were trying to explain us in Vietnamese.

We found one woman in the market who spoke English, just grabbed her and asked her for help. She came with us to the police office again and explained that there are several police centres where they bring all bikes. She understood from the police officer, the location of the centre where our bike is taken.

Then she called her husband and they went with us to the police centre, which was already closed (evening). She asked the number of the policeman in charge from the caretaker and explained him that we have a flight the following day. After some negotiations policeman finally came to the centre (after couple of hours of waiting).Policeman: “In order to take your bike you should have registration papers, that proves ownership of it”.
We: “We don’t have it – it’s rented for 1 day”.
Policeman: “Then leave the bike, and the hotel stuff with take it tomorrow”.
We: “Our hotel is 100 km away, and we gave our passports to the hotel…”
Policeman: “So, i don’t know what to do. No paper – no bike”.
We called the hotel (from the phone of this woman), asked them if they could scan the copy of the bike’s registration papers and email it to us. But it only sounds easy, when you are in Vietnam, it’s not simple to explain and understand each other.

Hotels in Vietnam normally have multiple vendors that offer their bikes to the hotel guests. To retrieve the registration papers from the bike owner through communicating with our hotel over the phone was impossible.

We tried to explain the situation to the policeman, proposed money, played drama (almost cried), but nothing helped. He wanted to have official way with bike registration papers.
We already were thinking about stealing the bike from the police centre during the night as the only option :), time was running out, it was not funny at all.

So, what did this woman do? 

She registered this case with her own bike registration papers after negotiation with police!

In other words, took guarantee of the innocence of 2 strangers that she met in a market a couple of hours ago and risked her own bike incase anything goes wrong with the case upon releasing our bike.

After all this was over, we were trying to thank her with money/gift, but she said that the best gift would be if we will come next year and will stay at her house! Can you imagine! And she gave us her address.

It was incredible to feel this kindness! She did without no personal goal behind, just because she can help. We felt ourselves  filled with gratitude, happiness, love and kindness. It’s an incredible feeling, it’s difficult to explain, the only way to understand it is by experiencing it.

Kindness is powerful. You can’t do something bad after you received this gift from the Universe.

Kindness is inspiring. We felt that we wanted give this feeling to someone. It’s actually automatic human behaviour – to give back if you received something. By doing something kind we are giving others the possibility and ability to be kind!

Kindness is beautiful. It definitely brings growth for the soul and increases the level of energy and spirit. And an act of kindness brings happiness for both sides.

What if each one of us does something kind for others? I wish everyone practices it more often and be happy!

JCgnyen Chi Kim JCgan – Vietnamese Woman with her husband
P.S. Thank you, JCgnyen Chi Kim JCgan, for being incredibly kind, we wish you all the best.P.P.S. The road from Da Nang to Hue city is very beautiful – mountains and seaside, rivers and small cities, if you are planning trip there, rent a bike and do it! (but park in right places 😉
And Thanks, Guatam, for improving this post and for the trip :)

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