The Intriguing Element That All Successful People Have in Common

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of truly successful people…

By “successful” I mean people who have really done meaningful things with their lives, people who have met their goals in different areas of their lives as well.

And the most surprising fact – they’re very simple compared to our image of what we think successful people should be like.

It could even be a little disappointing – I expected to hear the story about “the day everything started” or  the day “that they found their talent and everything changed…”

But there is no such story (I’m sorry).

There is no special marker for successful people like a visit from a unicorn or having special blood flow through their veins. The majority of successful people I’ve met did not have absolute confidence in their talents and never really truly considered their life vision or mission.

So, where is the superhero’s fairytale?

There is no fairytale, but there is a story. There is no day that changed everything, but there is a small step… and another one… and many more small steps after.

“Keep walking” – I saw this tattoo on a leg of my friend recently and this is it – this is the special secret of all superheroes and successful people – they just kept going.

Simple, huh?

Simple as well as challenging and powerful.

Keep going…

I experienced the full meaning of this quote while conquering the mountains.

Imagine: Russia (Ural), -33C, 7 am. It’s dark so you can only see one step ahead because the only source of light is from the torch you carry. It’s extremely cold outside, but when you walk you’re sweating, and you can’t stop because you’ll be frozen. And it’s a 16 km hike to reach the top.

“Why do I do it to myself?”, “This is ridiculous, struggling is not the way to enjoy nature”, “It’s too fast for me”, “I need to take a break”, “I’ll just go back before it’s too late” – were my thoughts during the first five kilometers. Around you there is only darkness, so there is no beautiful view to grant your motivation. And it’s so cold outside and so sweaty inside – there is nothing about this situation to derive pleasure from.

But there is one thing that gives you energy – everyone keeps on going.

And so do you.

Then the sunrise breaks, and nature opens it’s beauty to you as you never seen before, then you start to believe that it’s possible to reach the top, and while the final goal matters, you’re starting to enjoy the journey and every breath of it.

Keep going…

Keep going when everyone else has stopped.
Keep going if you don’t know the final destination.
Keep going if the road is unknown.
Keep going if it’s dark and you don’t see the journey.

Keep going if the road is broken.
Keep going if there is no energy.
Keep going if there is no light to brighten your way.
Keep going when no one believes.

Keep going when it seems impossible to achieve.
Keep going if the way has changed.
Keep going if everyone has left.

Keep going if you have hope.
Keep going if it feels right.
Keep going and create your way.
Keep going and the sun will rise.

Keep going and you’ll meet your tribe.
Keep going and follow your faith
Keep going and your soul will grow
Keep going and listen to your voice.

Keep going and the world will go with you.



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